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Diaper Bag Backpack Large Capacity Baby Bag Backpack Travel Bag Waterproof
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Keep all your baby essentials together in this stylish diaper backpack, featuring a classic large opening, fashion leather, and all the adjustments and accessories needed for easy travel.

Whatever diaper bag you choose should provide the functionality and convenience that makes getting out of the house with your kids that much easier?and more enjoyable.

USB Interface
The bag has a fixed charging port and a USB cable inside the bag to plug in your own power bank,
so you can charge and use your cellphone conveniently when you are outside


The material repels dirt and stains and is waterproof

Double Rings
The back D-ring can be hung on the stroller.

Capacity: If you have multiple children or are gone for hours at a time, you may be best served by a larger-sized bag. Conversely, a smaller-sized bag may be adequate if you only have one child or don?t leave the house frequently.

  • Weight: Depending on your strength and stature, the weight may be important. Some bags (and all their features)can tip the scales at over 2.5 pounds, and that?s before you even load up your gear.
  • Design: Diaper bag backpacks come in a multitude of designs. Some are sleek & modern, some fun & flirty, and some are even camouflaged to look like a regular backpack
  • Easy to Clean: A water-resistant exterior can be easily wiped down in the event of a spill. Between bottle mishaps, sticky post-snack fingers, and diaper blowouts, your bag is bound to get dirty. Pick one that?s convenient to clean.
  • Insulated Compartments: Even if you?re not pumping milk, it?s still nice to look for insulated compartments. The day will come when you?ll be carrying baby food or sippy cups filled with regular milk, and the ability to keep them cool will be incredibly useful.

The back D-ring can be hung on the stroller


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