Fanatic Buying - ChefWave 12.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven with Dehydrator and Rotisserie
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ChefWave 12.6 Quart Air Fryer Oven with Dehydrator and Rotisserie
$ 162.00

With the ChefWave Large Air Fryer, you are on your way to healthy eating without sacrificing taste or flavor. Cook, fry, grill, and bake without the need for butter, oil, or other unhealthy fats. Using the power of infrared technology and air, you can enjoy the same taste of delicious deep-fried foods without the guilt!

Features & Benefits

? 12 Liter Capacity (12.6 Quart)

? Dual Level Cooking

? High Power 1600 Watt For Quicker Cooking

? 360 Degree Circulation

? Two-Level Cooking Allows You to Cook Meat and Vegetables At The Same Time

? Door Opens Partially To Protect Door Handle

? Energy Cycling System for Efficient Cooking

? Blue Light Digital Touchscreen Display

? 120V AC, 60Hz

Included Accessories

1) Drip Pan: Place on the lower level to catch crumbs, grease, liquids, and oil

2) Frying Basket

3) Baking Cage: do not over-fill

4) Mesh Basket: Can be used for dual-level cooking on top or bottom level

5) Rotisserie Fork: Insert into a whole chicken

6) Skewer Rack

7) Wire Rack

8) Handle Tool: Use to maneuver most accessories

Modes & Controls

The different modes on the machine are broil, grill, roast, fry, bake, stir-fry, and defrost.

Preset Options

The air fryer oven has 16 preset options including fry, frozen food, wings, dehydrate, popcorn, chicken, cake, skewer, steak, chops, fish, vegetables, pizza, keep warm, toast, and cookie.

Cooks all Kinds of Foods

From French fries to steak, grilled fish to rotisserie chicken, cookies to pizza, you can cook almost anything in this fryer. You can even dehydrate fruits and vegetables. No matter your preferred taste, you can cook it in a healthy, nutritious way with ChefWave.

Fast & Easy to Use

With so many preset cooking options and a multitude of modes, you can easily cook your meal perfectly. Best of all, the large capacity means you can cook everything you need for your meal in one shot! The high-power 1600 Watt turbo hot air means it will cook faster and be ready in no time at all!


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